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Project # 2 – Zen Morning

October 12, 2011

It might not have been a truly zen morning .. but yoga was incorporated. Fios has fitness on demand and they have free workout shows that range from 10 minutes to an hour! I started with a 15 minute yoga “class” (sounds way more hip and urban if i say I went to a class). It made me feel better instantly – mostly because I knew I was getting to cross something off my list! Sticking with tv-yoga … there is the real challenge.


Project # 1 – The Happy Dutchmen

October 12, 2011

I found an Oktoberfest Band! There are a few details to be worked out still; but I think I have succeeded in one of my projects for October. Hooray for the Happy Dutchmen! Don’t they look awesome?


25 days

October 11, 2011

My hubby is gone for the next 25 days for work. He’s already been away for 5 days and despite getting some stuff done, I am feeling like an unproductive slouch. So lets turn to lists to get us through this challenge, shall we. Here’s what I will accomplish .. potentially even in order:

1. Catch up on homework

2. Add a 20-30 minute yoga workout into my morning routine.

3. Find an oktoberfest band

4. Find a meat donor for my charity steak dinner

5. Read ahead in all of my classes and see what work is coming up. Start preparing…. more than 2 hours before its due.

6. Really clean my bedroom

7. Clean and organize the office

8. Typography quotation signs printed and framed for the office

9. Have merry-go-ground photo printed and framed

10. Buy and plant bulbs

11. Clean out my car!!

12. Clean the oven in anticipation of my mother’s visit

13. Prepare garden for winter

14. Put up my kitchen organization system..

15. Finish my wedding thank you notes

16. Start on my christmas list

17. Run a successful charity silent auction and dinner. Raise $4k

18. Come up with a great deployment gift for adam

19. Plan ahead for Thanksgiving dinner; order turkey, menu & grocery lists and missing supplies list

20. Re-edit my resume and start applying for city planning type jobs

21. Post wedding photos and create thank you wedding books for the parents

22. Re-seed the lawn

23. Get all my produce at the farmers market for the rest of the month

24. Install thermostat

25. Clean the grill and re-set up the patio


April 20, 2011

Now that spring is here, the super long planter has finally become quite a pretty lil’ thing. Give her a few years and she’ll be a knockout.


March 20, 2011

Look at all this extra wood from the fence we tore down!

Now, remember all of the seeds I bought? Well, I managed to get more. These are special heirloom seeds and come in beautiful packs.

So the solution is to build raised veggie beds since I am clearly not going to have enough room for my seed growing operation.

Adam used the circular saw to even out the boards and cut the smaller lengths.

Then I screwed them all together with 3 inch outdoor wood screws. I took out the grass (if you can call it that) underneath and around the frame and then dug in the sides for a somewhat level frame.

We cut stakes out of a leftover 2×4 and Adam sledgehammered them into place – one inside each corner and one on the outside of each of the long lengths to prevent bowing out.

Add dirt, seeds and water. And voila. Beautiful raised veggie beds made out of recycled materials.

It all begins with a seed

January 30, 2011

Or a few thousand seeds… It is almost time to start planting! Our last frost date is mid-April so the first seeds can be started indoors under the grow light around February 15. Thus begins my little series on starting the garden from seed.

We’ll start with the seeds themselves. I ordered everything from Johnny’s Seed Catalog. I’m sure I should have shopped around and picked up seeds from a variety of stores. But this was much simpler and only required one shipment. Johnny’s is quite well respected and really not too pricey (unless you are looking at growing supplies.. then they can get up there).

What did I buy? Well, for starters: way too much. But seeds last 3-5 years, so I’ll be good about preserving them and next year I won’t need to order quite so much. My order came to just over $100 and included:

Fruits & Veggies

  • Navarino Carrots (F1)
  • General Lee Cucumbers (F1)
  • Fairy Tale Eggplant (F1)
  • Nabechan Onions (Scallions) (F1)
  • Ruby Ring Red Onions (F1)
  • Prince Yellow Onions
  • Caselode Peas
  • Jalafuego Jalapenos (F1)
  • Habanero Peppers
  • Conservor Shallots (F1)
  • Sarian Strawberries
  • Bush Beans – Provider (OG)-Packet
  • Red Ace Beet
  • Caseload Peas
  • Sunburst – Pattypan Squash
  • Yellow Crookneck Squash
  • Tigress – Medium Green Striped Squash


  • Arugula (OG)
  • Spicy Mesculn Mix
  • Red Cross – Boston Head Lettuce
  • Romaine (OG)
  • Emu Spinach (F1)


  • Heirloom – Brandywine (OG)-Mini
  • Orange and Yellow Cherry – Gold Nugget (OG)-Mini
  • San Marzano 15 (F1)-Mini
  • Red Ace (F1)-Packet
  • Tomatillo – Toma Verde
  • * F1 means conventionally grown and OG is for organic.

Taking over the shed

January 20, 2011

Project for today – organize our large shed…. Here’s what I’m going up against:


We moved in and just dumped anything and everything we didn’t want in the house into this shed. The goal is for this shed to serve as a storage area, wood pile, potting shed and seed starting area ….and as our tool box/workbench. Wish me luck.