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Life List

May I present …. my life list.

  • Sail to & around South America
  • Plan a 50th Anniversary Party for my parents at Disneyland
  • Send my parents on a trip through Europe
  • Wear a short wedding dress
  • Stay in a butler’d hotel
  • Fly international in first class
  • Create a wine collection / cellar
  • Speak Spanish fluently
  • Own a vacation home on a beach or lake
  • Earn my 4th degree blackbelt
  • Have a sailboat
  • Have a long meaningful, inspiring marriage
  • Be published for food and/or travel writing
  • Play in a poker tournament in Vegas
  • Get a reflexology treatment in Asia
  • Live in Buenos Aires
  • Publish a cookbook
  • Own a vineyard
  • Skydive somewhere with a spectacular view
  • Re-read the books i was supposed to finish in high school
  • Learn to sew well enough to fix clothes and make pillow cases
  • Learn the toast from Cocktail by heart .. and preform it…while standing atop a bar. 
  • Build my own compost bin and actually use it to improve my garden.
  • Create a beautiful and productive garden
  • Create (or do you say curate?) a wine cellar so i can pull out amazing bottles for impromptu dinners.
  • Finish the Sunday New York Times crossword.
  • Get a tattoo.
  • At least one international trip per year: 2012 – Spain!
  • Help solve the world’s energy problems.
  • Be my own boss.
  • Always have an herb garden growing
  • Have a few chickens and a cute little coup in the yard
  • Have an apiary in my yard
  • Make and jar my own “signature” spaghetti sauce from vegetables and herbs i grew
  • FINALLY get buses donated for TAPS every year.
  • Build a bar in our house complete with multiple wine and beer fridges and an impressive scotch collection.
  • Thank my parents for our beautiful wedding every year on the anniversary
  • Buy more art! support small or local artists.
  • Help create community gardens in communities lacking easy access to good produce
  • Go to all of the major music festivals. Coachella (10), Lolla (07, 09) , Bonnaroo (11, 12), Jazz Fest, SXSW, ACL, Leeds, Voodoo (10), Sasquatch, Treasure Island, Glastonbury, Rosklide, Firefly (12) (a humble start to the ever growing list)
  • Pick something exercise oriented that I actually enjoy and stick with it…
  • Deep water soloing in Mallorca
  • Climb on every continent.
  • Help change the way my community consumes
  • Live in a fully self-sustainable home
  • La Tomatina Festival in Spain! (Well… we went, got pick pocketed and left to file a report before the tomatoes were thrown… but it was fun while it lasted)
  • Futbol match in Europe

  • Plant fruit trees wherever i live
  • Learn to shoot a gun & use a knife to defend myself
  • Learn to hunt/fish & prepare meat and fish so there is nothing wasted.
  • Be capable of living without electricity or cars
  • Throw a yearly party
  • Get comfortable using big saws
  • Learn how to use all my camera’s functions & how to use photoshop
  • Learn how to frame & mat photos and prints
  • Be proficient at sewing
  • While i’m at it, be proficient at basic plumbing and electrical and be less intimidated by the appliances
  • Host salon style dinner parties to get to know interesting people better
  • Smoke a Cuban cigar
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