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25 days

October 11, 2011

My hubby is gone for the next 25 days for work. He’s already been away for 5 days and despite getting some stuff done, I am feeling like an unproductive slouch. So lets turn to lists to get us through this challenge, shall we. Here’s what I will accomplish .. potentially even in order:

1. Catch up on homework

2. Add a 20-30 minute yoga workout into my morning routine.

3. Find an oktoberfest band

4. Find a meat donor for my charity steak dinner

5. Read ahead in all of my classes and see what work is coming up. Start preparing…. more than 2 hours before its due.

6. Really clean my bedroom

7. Clean and organize the office

8. Typography quotation signs printed and framed for the office

9. Have merry-go-ground photo printed and framed

10. Buy and plant bulbs

11. Clean out my car!!

12. Clean the oven in anticipation of my mother’s visit

13. Prepare garden for winter

14. Put up my kitchen organization system..

15. Finish my wedding thank you notes

16. Start on my christmas list

17. Run a successful charity silent auction and dinner. Raise $4k

18. Come up with a great deployment gift for adam

19. Plan ahead for Thanksgiving dinner; order turkey, menu & grocery lists and missing supplies list

20. Re-edit my resume and start applying for city planning type jobs

21. Post wedding photos and create thank you wedding books for the parents

22. Re-seed the lawn

23. Get all my produce at the farmers market for the rest of the month

24. Install thermostat

25. Clean the grill and re-set up the patio

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