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March 20, 2011

Look at all this extra wood from the fence we tore down!

Now, remember all of the seeds I bought? Well, I managed to get more. These are special heirloom seeds and come in beautiful packs.

So the solution is to build raised veggie beds since I am clearly not going to have enough room for my seed growing operation.

Adam used the circular saw to even out the boards and cut the smaller lengths.

Then I screwed them all together with 3 inch outdoor wood screws. I took out the grass (if you can call it that) underneath and around the frame and then dug in the sides for a somewhat level frame.

We cut stakes out of a leftover 2×4 and Adam sledgehammered them into place – one inside each corner and one on the outside of each of the long lengths to prevent bowing out.

Add dirt, seeds and water. And voila. Beautiful raised veggie beds made out of recycled materials.

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