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A cover up

November 18, 2010

We put in a new fence a couple weeks ago. The ground was so uneven that the base of one end was about eight inches above the ground. In order to keep the top looking good, we sacrificed the bottom. We needed a solution to keep the dog from running away so we decided to build a very long planter box.

It looks a little ramshackle at first. The back part had to be a bit higher than the front to cover the space. We totally winged it so nothing is all that secure but once the dirt is in place it seems to work better. Tomorrow we fill it in with a few shade tolerant plants and lots of bulbs for a pretty spring.

The planter is only about 4 inches high. We tried to dig down below but the ground is very rocky. Luckily the gravel drains well, so we just tried to find plants with shallow roots. Shade tolerant ground cover perennials will cover most of it. This planter is almost 30 ft long. It took half a truck bed full of soil to fill it (1/2 cubic yard if you want to be all scientific about it). Avoid buying bags of topsoil if you can. Your local waste transfer station might have a composting facility. If so, they most likely sell compost and dirt  … dirt cheap. har har har. We got a cubic yard (full truck bed) of half compost and half soil for $21. Get ready to shovel for the rest of your life…. And then clean your husband’s truck.

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