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Sustainable living

November 1, 2010

When we moved to southern Virginia, I decided to attempt a solid month of “eating locally” – only eating food grown within 100 miles of our home. It became immediately clear that we weren’t ready for that type of full-blown commitment yet. Financially it proved too much for us to tackle while moving into a much bigger house where there are SO many projects to complete before winter. I’m not familiar enough with the area to know where to find good values or to know which farms deliver to our area. Lastly we moved in September, right at the end of the farmers market season and much too late to join any CSAs.

Excuses, excuses I hear you say. True enough. I am not dedicated. I surrender. Being good is just so damn hard.

So, instead I am focusing on living a more sustainable life. Building the foundation to eventually achieve my local eating goal. This is what you’ll read about here. Our home projects, my garden, investigating our new area. Will you join me? My hope is this inspires projects of your own and your taking steps to live a more sustainable life. For whatever reason you try: environmental, financial, health, fuzzy good feelings – I’d love to hear your success stories as well.

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